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Our Practice

Blessed Care Hospice Inc. extends a warm welcome to you, our patient, and to your family and friends!

Blessed Care Hospice Inc. is a privately owned corporation, which is governed by a Board of Directors. We are committed to ensuring your rights and privileges as a hospice patient.

Our Team

Blessed Care Hospice Inc. provides experienced professionals who attend to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs

Medical Director

A Medical Director is available for consultation and discussion of plan
of care.

Social Workers

Social Workers help relieve the emotional and social pain of patients and their families, address family financial concerns, and assist with coordination of community resources and funeral arrangements.

Dietary or Nutrition Counselors

Our Dietary or Nutrition Counselors are available to assess the nutritional needs of patients and provide education and information.

Nursing Staff

Our Nursing Staff is highly trained in pain management, symptom control, and supportive care.

Spiritual Counselors

Spiritual Counselors who offer guidance and support to patients and their families.

Trained Volunteers

We have Trained Volunteers who can provide companionship, respite care, and support to patients and their caregivers.

Home Health Aides

Our Home Health Aides assist patients in their daily personal tasks, such as bathing or dressing.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists provide palliative modalities to enhance quality of life for hospice patients.

Bereavement Counselors

Our Bereavement Counselors  provide grieve support for hospice families and coordinate grief support groups for
the general community and
hospice caregivers

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